Our Pre-Retiree Family


Many busy working people prefer to have someone close-by - so they can call on help just when they need it. Because we live and work in the local community, it means we can answer those pension or investment questions or recommend timely actions when ever you need us to - all on a face-to-face basis.

Popping round to take you through all that pension paperwork or update you on the latest pension legislation is an extremely valuable part of our service.

These days people are so busy they rarely get a chance to sit-down and read the newspaper - let alone keep abreadst of the daily changes to pension rules and legislation and the ups and downs in their investments. You can be assured that we are doing just that and are available to explain what any changes mean for you and recommend timely actions to help you achieve your goals. 


Because we live and work in your local community, we can offer a fully bespoke, unlimited on-going face-to-face service.

This means that long after our initial meetings you can be assured we will be on-hand to guide you through the many changes that will happen in your financial affairs.


You can count on us to have the best qualifications in the industry.

Our knowledge and technical expertise far exceeds the minimum requirements as set by the Financial Services Authority and in fact we are amongst an elite few Financial Planners in the UK that have been invited to Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society - the pinnacle of a Financial Planners career.

Indeed, from our Chartered Accountancy background, to our Chartered Financial Planning status, through to our Fellowship of the Personal Finance Society you can be assured we possess the requisite knowledge to keep you on track.


We are a fiercely independent local family firm.

We have absolutely no affiliation or link to any bank, life company or national firm of advisers meaning we are able to recommend independent financial plans which are right for you.

If you encounter a financial adviser from a bank or national firm it is likely he or she will have monthly sales targets and pressure to shoe-horn clients into template, generic solutions or tied providers contractually agreed at a national level. With Wealth West these issues disappear.

We are free to work purely in the interests of our clients in a personalised manner. It really is what is right for you. It is all about you.

Case Study - The Couple in need of a Plan

Brian and Sally are very successful. Brian has his own business and Sally works as a teacher. When I first met them for their Discovery Meeting it was obvious that they’d done a great financial job too, accumulated a lot of different investments, policies and were clearly well protected in terms of insurance policies.

What they didn’t have was a plan. We provided them with clarity on what their current situation was and how aligned it was to their overall aims and goals.

We reviewed their pensions and consolidated them into an easy to manage account and explained to them in layman's terms what the value of the consolidated account was, what it was invested in and what was required to help meet their retirement goals.

We also recommended a Tax Smart Investment,  which has literally saved them £10,000 in income tax and created tax free growth for their retirement in 5 years.

Brian and Sally are over-joyed at saving tens of thousands of pounds in tax as well as having a much clearer idea of where they are and what they need to do.

Case Study - The Accumulator

John still has 15 years to go until his normal retirement date of 60. However we want to maximise that time and give his pensions and investments as much time to grow as possible.

We have been religiously using John’s ISA allowance each year and have also started maximising his pension contributions which have meant his retirement pot has benefitted and not the tax man.

As John has many years to go until he will need the money we have decided to invest the ISA and pension money in equities and property for long-term growth. At a recent review we switched more money to Asian Equities and Emerging Markets where the dynamics suggest greater potential for long-term growth. We will of course monitor that situation as retirement draws closer.

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Quote Mark
  • "I am so pleased I decided to get in touch with Richard. He helped me to re-organise my finances so that I get a better income. I had no idea how to go about this and Richard's advice and practicality in this matter has been invaluable. Richard keeps me very much up to date and his clear explanations and friendly manner are much appreciated" Valerie Buchan (Retiree), Henleaze
  • "We have a personal relationship with Richard which helps inspire communication and builds up a better understanding of the portfolio. We have had a very friendly, responsive and professional experience. Richard always responds to emails very quickly and is always helpful" Chas and Jackie Saw (Pre-Retirees), South Bristol
  • "The service we have received has been highly satisfactory. It is great having a local financial adviser who is readily accessible for advice." Albert and Audrey Stiles (Retirees), Westbury-On-Trym
  • "We can only say the service we have received has been 100%! We find the personal contact gives us more confidence to discuss our situation. All queries are efficiently dealt with." John and Nancy Thorpe (Retirees), Westbury-On-Trym
  • "Richard provides a very flexible, excellent customer service. Richard is very organised and very easy to work with. He has excellent knowledge which is explained clearly." Marcus and Kelly Jones (Family), Henleaze
  • "We have found it very good having a local adviser. Richard always calls around when requested. We get a very good personal service and Richard clearly knows what he is doing." Chris and Carolyn Carwardine (Retirees), Sneyd Park
  • "Richard has offered us a professional, personal, face-to-face service. He has delivered an excellent service to us, meeting and exceeding our expectations. We welcome his personal approach and attention to detail. Richard identified some potential savings for us at our very first meeting." Matt and Zoe Hill (Family), Westbury-on-Trym
  • "We have found the service of Wealth West very consistent and reliable. We are very confident in the service given. Follow-ups have been thorough and explained with understanding as Richard has good teaching qualities." Bob and Norma Hall(Retirees), Coombe Dingle
  • "Richard has always been very accessible, a real advantage and gives me confidence in our dealings. The level of service has been first class. Richard has always carried out his promised actions on time. Any technical advice has been explained in a very clear and understandable manner." Donald Owen (Retiree), Coombe Dingle
  • "The service has been a perfect blend of professionalism and care for us and our money. Gives advice in a way that we can understand easily. Have recommended Richard to others and will continue do so." Ralph Payne(Retiree), Stoke Bishop
  • "With Richard we are not talking to a salesman with targets but someone we know and we know where his office is. Someone who also knows the area we live in and no call centre ethos!" Vanessa Payne (Retiree), Stoke Bishop
  • "We have found Richard to show a personal attention to our needs and the process involves a relaxed discussion of options with no pressure and this has helped us feel confident in the decisions made. The accessibility of being able to make contact at any time and of being seen at home is a great advantage." Colin and Elizabeth Sleith (Retirees), Stoke Bishop
  • "The level of service has been very good. I am also very happy with the advice received and the level of technical knowledge." Gillian Dunphy (Retiree), Stoke Bishop
  • "Richard is cautious and suggests ideas in a reasonable and sensible manner. But he is not pushy! I feel confident in Richard's technical knowledge and able to make careful, sensible decisions. I would be happy to recommend Wealth West!." Jeremy Krause (Retiree), Clifton
  • " Richard offers a great, tailored approach to financial advice. He feels more like a friend than an anonymous advisor. The level of service has been wonderful. I really like how Richard is proactive in considering issues we hadn't thought of, rather than just helping with our queries. Richard is a really safe pair of hands and is always up to date with the most recent changes and opportunities." Alex and Rachel Major (Family), Westbury on Trym
  • "We have found having a local advisor beneficial in that we have been able to deal with the same person throughout, enabling easy access with rapid response. We feel we have had a good level of service with explanations easy to comprehend whilst taking account of our circumstances with a level of risk we are comfortable with." Owen and Patricia McNamara (Retirees), Westbury on Trym
  • "The service I have received from Richard and June has, so far, been excellent. Both of them, at the end of the telephone, have dealt with any problems very quickly and efficiently. Home visits are also a very good part of the service, another personal touch." Jenny and Keith Higgs(Retirees), Shirehampton
  • "The help I received to sort out a pension from the 1970's was sorted out extremely well and very much to my advantage, thanks to their knowledge and assistance." Jenny and Keith Higgs(Retirees), Shirehampton
  • "It's a personal service. Richard is very easy to talk to and we felt that he cared." Gordon and Sandra Inglis (Retirees), Henleaze
  • "I value the convenience of regular home visits and being informed of my current financial situation." Barbara Allen (Retiree), Stoke Bishop
  • "We have found that being advised by a local adviser on a face-to-face basis inspires us with confidence, knowing he is the one making the decisions. We are very happy with the service, it is nice to be having meetings in our own home." Tony and Angela Cropper (Retirees), Henleaze